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Laura Ingalls' Friends Remember Her

by Dan L. White

This book is a wide ranging discussion of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her writing, including --

  • interviews with her friends who knew her in Mansfield, Missouri;
  • lengthy excerpts from Laura's magazine articles about the subjects being discussed;
  • discussions by the editor about Laura, her life and her work.

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Devotionals with Laura

by Dan L. White

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a wonderful writer and an eager Bible reader.  After her death a list of her most cherished Bible selections was found in her Bible.  Devotionals with Laura discusses these Bible passages, including --

  • how they might have fit in with Laura's life;
  • what they might mean in our lives;
  • how they affected the Little House books.

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Little Log House on the Big Water

by Dan L. White

This is a Bible story book with one difference  -- it is actually interesting.  Surely this is one the most interesting and colorful Bible Story books you can read with your child.

Now you don't have to expect your young readers to read the Bible stories just because they're from the Bible.   Telling the story from Adam to Noah, from the Garden of Eden through the Great Flood, these are stories they should read, and now they're a good read.   

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